Farming For The Future




Our British White cattle combine beauty and gentleness, along with superior genetics to convert grass to a well-marbled, delicious meat.  

Our Products:

Our hens are fed 100% organic, non-GMO, corn and soy-free feed.  They are pastured as weather permits and always have access to roam outside.


SummerField Farm, LLC

  • Beef - Retail Cuts
  • Beef - Whole/Half/Quarter
  • Pork - Whole Roasting Hogs
  • Pork - Whole/Half/Quarter
  • Pork - Retail Cuts
  • Lamb - Retail Cuts
  • Eggs
  • Pastured Poultry and Turkey

Our American Guinea Hogs are a heritage breed that is docile with excellent foraging abilities that produces outstanding meat and lard.  Our Idaho Pasture Pigs are a new breed designed to thrive on a pasture based-diet. 

​​​Our Inspiration

There are many innovators and thought-leaders who have inspired, taught and motivated us throughout the years.  Among these are the Rodale Institute, John Jeavons, Eliot Coleman, Allan Savory, Joel Salatin, and many more.  We are constantly learning and putting new ideas and technology into practice.

Small is Beautiful

We are not trying to feed the world, just our family, friends and community.  Our small scale allows us the opportunities of experimentation, innovation and flexibility.  Our goal is to achieve and maintain sustainability.

Miniature Cheviots are a hardy, heritage breed of sheep.  They have earned their place on the farm through their enthusiast grazing and foraging which produces excellent meat.

Slow Down

​We encourage you to explore the principles and philosophies behind Slow Food, Slow Money, and Slow Church.  We are missing so much on our hectic journey through this life.