Yes - Women Farm Too

Women-owned farms have increased substantially over the past years. Small, sustainable operations are especially well suited for women. Animals thrive in peaceful, nurturing environments - so do women!  And we love our pink cattle chute!

Our Values and Guiding Principles

SummerField Farm, LLC

Breed Selection

Careful selection of livestock breeds ensures that the animals we raise will thrive on a grass-only diet.  In order to have a safe farm, we select all animals for a docile, calm demeanor. 

Milk Shares

We also raise A2/A2 Jersey cattle and provide milk shares through Sunrise Dairy, LLC.  Contact Shalana for more information. 

Holistic Management

We strive for "triple bottom line" impacts that result in a sustainable environment, along with economic and social benefits.  Utilizing production methods such as permaculture, organic, low stress livestock handling, and water conservation.

Organic and Beyond

The organic standards brought substantial improvements to the way food is produced, over time they have been compromised.  We strive to exceed those standards.

Locally Produced Food

We produce food in Colorado for Coloradans.   This feeds not only the people, but the local community, the local economy, and the local environment.

Regenerative Farming Practices

Healthy soil is the foundation of all farming practices.  We have zero tolerance for synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or any substance that would disrupt soil life.

Grass is Best

Cattle and sheep are created to eat grass.  A diet of exclusively grass produces meat with five times the Omega-3 as grain-fed animals.  A grass diet also contributes to higher conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risk.